November 12, 1859 Circus performer Jules léotard the first in the world to demonstrate room Flights from trapeze to trapeze”


Jules léotard debuted in Paris Circus with Napoleon conquered the audience with room Flights from trapeze to trapeze”. Within 12 minutes, he performed under the big top 8 simple flights between the three trapeze hanging in a row at a great distance, and flip from one trapeze to another. All this the son of a gymnastics teacher learned, and the most risky exercises practiced over the surface of the water in the pool. Due to air room Léotard all the space of the circus to the dome turned into working. The artist has gained immense popularity and has traveled almost all the capitals of Europe. The léotard demonstrated his room Prussian Prince Frederick, Russian Tsar Alexander 2, performed in London and Madrid.

Yes, it was quite an event! Expansive Parisians fell in love with a beautiful acrobat from Toulouse. His pink tights became so popular that gymnasts still called the suit “leotards”.

Parisian wrote the Léotard passionate letters and crowding at the exit from the circus, hoping at least to touch him, just like modern crazed groupies, precipitating fashionable singer!