Circus extreme group of “HEROES” (“HEROES”) will represent Russia at the International circus festival in Izhevsk (Udmurtia)!


Russian artists of the Moscow circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard – extreme-group of “HEROES” (“HEROES”) will become the participants of the International circus festival in Izhevsk, which will be held from 5 to 9 March 2015 in the arena of the State circus of Udmurtia.

According to the organizers, “within 5 days for the main prize of the festival will fight more than 200 artists from 13 countries: Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, China, Ukraine, Russia, Ethiopia, Canada, Japan, Germany, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea”. The international jury, according to tradition, will be headed by former Minister of culture of the Udmurt Republic and now Director of the State circus of the Republic – Dmitry Ivanov.
To represent Russia at the Izhevsk festival was honored unusual team – circus extreme-the group of “HEROES” (“HEROES”). The audience waiting for the spectacular tricks in the air, dynamic music, strong emotions and dizzying action, which in truth is breathtaking.

“HEROES” (“HEROES”) is a 6 – man extreme circus artists, working in different genres, coupled with the complex and acrobatic stunt tricks – “air flight”, “wheel of death”, “acrobats on track” etc All artists – master of sports in sports and gymnastics. Team leader – dynastic circus artist Stanislav Bogdanov performer “triple” and “with triple pirouette flip into the hands of lovetro (room “Air flight”). It should be noted that “HEROES” is a group of courageous children with their philosophy and style. They shock her courage, admire the masterly skill and make the audience’s hearts beat faster!

the Artists are already toured half the world, has long worked in America. Recently returned from a tour in Georgia in Tbilisi circus as part of the Christmas program presented two extreme air – “Air flight” and “Wheel of death”, where stunts are performed by artists at a fast pace and without insurance!